Russell Croft Featured in The New York Times (4/6/2013)
A Low-Growth World Can Also Mean High Profits

Russell Croft on Forbes (7/24/2012)
Apple Reaching $740? An Easy Task For This Tasty Value Stock

Russell Croft on The Street (4/5/2012)
Time To Get Onboard Norfolk Southern, Merck

Russell Croft on The Street (3/17/2012)
3 Natural Gas Stocks That Should Survive to See a Renaissance

Russell Croft on MarketWatch (11/30/2011)
Europe will keep US stocks volatile

Russell Croft on (10/11/2010)
5 Stocks That Are a Better Buy Than Bonds

Russell Croft Quoted on
Stocks: Where Are the Deals?

WSJ Quoted Kent Croft

Kent Croft in WSJ
Intel's Profit Is Expected to Lead the Tech Pack

Kent Croft in WSJ - "Intel's Profit Is Expected to Lead the Tech Pack"

SmartMoney - "5 Father-Son Teams Share Investing Secrets"

BusinessWeek - "Hunting Value Stocks After the Long Rally"

Barron's - "No More "Stock" Excuses -- Just Pick, Baby"

Business Week - "Ag Stocks: Feast or Famine?"

Smart Money - "7 Equity Funds on the Comeback Trail"

WSJ - "Hot Topic, Blackboard Pace a Broad Decline"

Reuters - "Industrial panic over, but will rebound hold?"

Barron's - "It's Wake-Up Time for a Drug Maker's Shares"

AP - "Tech emerges as bright spot in gloomy market"

Business Week - The Buffett Way: Time for a Rethink?

AP News - US Stocks Close Lower As Fincls Can't Fully Hold On To Gains

Value Funds Awash In Deluge of Choices -
Market Rout Has Cut Cisco? Yes!

Tumbling share prices redefine value investing

Pfizer shares lag as Wyeth deal fails to create spark

Pfizer-Wyeth Deal Wouldn't Be Easy, But Some Say It Has Promise

Business Week - Finding Stock Market Winners in 2009

Business Week - Russell Croft Comments On "Comeback Stocks for 2009"

Barron's - Foster Wheeler Can Roll Again

Three Electrifying Stocks -

Washington Post - Slow Economy Puts Value Investing to the Test

CNBC "Betting on Solid Stocks"

Bloomberg - Freeport Surges Most Since 2002 on Offer Speculation

Bloomberg - Copper Rises on Speculation Fed Will Act to Stabilize Growth

USA Today - Plenty of brand name stocks are under $10

Barron's - In Era of Specialization, Some Generalists Thrive

Weyerhaeuser Says REIT Conversion Unlikely in 2009 - Bloomberg

Croft Value Fund Seeks 'Unique Ideas'
U.S. News & World Report

Smart Money Fund Screen - Small Funds - Wall Street Journal

U.S. manufacturing pays up, but grows more slowly - Reuters

#1 Ranking as of March 31, 2008 - The Wall Street Journal

Markets Defy the Doomsayers - Barron's

Six under-the-radar funds that have great potential - MarketWatch

Taste for Danger? Look for 3 Qualities Before Buying - USA Today

#2 Ranking Fund as of - The Wall Street Journal

Multicap Funds - The Wall Street Journal

Small Funds - The Wall Street Journal

Fund Managers Covet These Cheap Stocks -

More Than One Way to Find Bargains -

Weyerhaeuser: Worth More Carved Up? -


Kent Croft on WSJ (10/30/2014)
Wall Street ends lower on Fed

Kent Croft in Wealth Management (6/21/2014)
Investing in Water

Russell Croft Quoted in Barron's (7/7/2014)
The Case for Prudential: Solid Dividend, Low Price

Kent Croft on Investment News (6/10/2014)
Natural Gas Looks to Burn Clean for Investors for Some Time

Russell Croft on Forbes (4/17/2014)
UnitedHealth Group Says Obamacare, Sequestration Put 'Burden' On Q1 Profits

Kent Croft on Forbes (3/15/2014)
Who's Afraid Of Beleaguered GM? Not This Value Contrarian Who's Buying More Shares

Russell Croft on Barron's (3/13/2014)
FMC Stock Could Rise 21%

Kent Croft on Barron's (1/22/2014)
The Valuation Gap at Gap

Kent Croft Quoted in (12/30/13)
Out of Hibernation

Kent Croft on Barron's (12/5/2013)
GM Is Gunning Its Engine

Russell Croft on US News (11/11/2013)
Should Managers Invest in Their Own Mutual Funds?

Russell Croft on Bloomberg (10/9/2013)
U.S. Stocks Fluctuate on Yellen as Lawmakers Seek Deal

Kent Croft on MarketWatch (10/1/2013)
3 hot investing tips if U.S. stocks chill

Russell Croft on Bloomberg (9/11/2013)
U.S. Stocks Fluctuate as Apple Plunges Amid Syria Delay

Russell Croft on CNN (8/1/2013)
Nothing 'modest' or 'moderate' about market rally

Russell Croft on The Washington Post (6/22/2013)
US stocks drift lower, putting market on course for a third straight loss

Russell Croft on The Wall Street Journal (5/27/2013)
Investors Spread Their Housing Bets

Kent and Russell Croft on AdvisorOne (5/23/2013)
Can Timberland REITs Spruce Up a Portfolio?

Kent Croft on AdvisorOne (5/21/2013)
Exploiting Attractive Resources - The 2013 Natural Gas Roundtable of Investment Experts

Kent Croft on TheStreet (5/15/2013)
Stocks Get Lift as Google Breaks $900

Agriculture as an Investment Opportunity - Slides
Audio of the conference call is in the current commentary.

Kent Croft Quoted in InvestmentNews (4/25/2013)
Can Google predict the market? Research offers clues.

Kent Croft on Reuters (4/22/2013)
Industrial IPOs increase as investors bet on economy, housing

Kent Croft in Money Management Executive (4/22/2013)
Mutual Fund Lone Wolves

Russell Croft Featured in MSN Money (4/5/2013)
Hardwood to Trading Floor: Stocks go Final Four

Kent Croft Featured on (4/3/2013)
Gold Prices Fall to 10-Month Low

Kent Croft Quoted in The Wall Street Journal (3/22/2013)
Natural Gas Blazes a Path to Higher Prices

Russell Croft on Barron's (3/12/2013)
Pfizer: A Dose of Defense in a Feel-Good Market

Russell Croft on Investor's Business Daily (3/4/2013)
Mutual Funds Eke Out Small Gain In February

Kent Croft on Renal & Urology News (2/21/2013)

Year-End Distributions
No capital gain. X-Date of 12/28/2012. Income distributions are as follow: CLVFX $0.2003, CIVFX $0.1333, CLINX $0.045

Kent Croft on Fidelity (11/29/2012)
10 ways to play the domestic energy boom

Kent Croft on MarketWatch (10/12/2012)
Natural gas vehicles are overlooked energy play. Stocks tied to clean, cheap fuel merge into Wall Street’s lane.

Russell Croft on Barron's (11/8/2012)
It's Worth Taking a Taste of Honeywell

Russell Croft on MSN Money (11/6/2012)
Stock winners in Sandy's aftermath

Russell Croft in WSJ (9/14/12)
Health-Care Stocks Are Red Hot—But Bargains Remain

Kent Croft on MarketWatch (8/25/2012)
Kent Croft bullish on paper, natural gas, auto parts

Kent Croft on MarketWatch (6/20/2012)
Food and water investments to weather drought

Kent Croft featured in Seeking Alpha (7/13/2012)
Investment Opportunity: Water

Kent Croft featured on the Money Show (7/12/2012)
4 Insurance Names with Bright Prospects

Russell Croft on CBS MarketWatch(6/29/2012)
It’s ‘duck’ season for U.S. stock fund investors

Russell Croft on Bloomberg (6/27/2012)
Caterpillar On Top After Bet At Bottom: Riskless Return

Kent Croft Quoted Seeking Alpha (6/26/2012)

Kent Croft quoted on Reuters - 6/8/2012
Analysis: Housing uptick bodes well for timber stocks

Crofts featured in Kapitall - 4/20/2012
A Contrarian Case for Natural Gas and Water Stocks

Kent Croft quoted on Barron's - 4/16/2012
P&G's Pampered Investors

Kent & Russell Croft on AdvisorOne (3/26/2012)
THE MEASURED APPROACH TO VALUE - In a turbulent market, value investors rely on patience, diligence and realism.

Russell Croft on Forbes (2/29/2012)
3 Stocks Investors Are Selling but Should Be Buying

Kent Croft on MSN Money (2/29/2012)
Inside Wall Street: Sealed Air looks tasty

1Q - Manager's Commentaries
Natural Gas as an Investment Opportunity with the managers of the Croft Value Fund

Russell Croft quoted in USA Today - (2/1/2012)
January Barometer' predicts good year for stocks

Kent Croft quoted on Reuters (1/20/2012)
HOW TO PLAY IT: Natural gas falls near 10-year low

Kent Croft on The Fiscal Times (1/10/2012)
10 Hot Investing Trends for 2012

Kent Croft quoted in Advisor Perspectives (1/5/2012)
2012 Market and Economic Commentary and Outlook

Croft Fund Distributions
Payable on 12/31/2011 Croft Value Fund Income Distribution: $0.11 Croft Value Fund Capital Gains Distribution: $0.00 Croft Income Fund Income Distribution: $0.0624 Croft Income Fund Capital Gains Distribution: $0.00

Kent Croft quoted on AdvisorOne (12/19/2011)
Outlook 2012: Value Investing — A Glimmer in the Gloom

Kent Croft quoted in Forbes (12/7/2011)
Twelve Thoughts On 2012

Kent Croft interview on (11/23/2011)
The Daily Guru - 3 Top Natural-Gas Stocks

Kent Croft quoted on FundWeb (9/26/11)
Taking Stock for a few Dollars More

U.S. News - Profile on Croft Value Fund

Kent Croft quoted on Reuters (9/19/2011)
Tyco to split into three companies; shares rise

Russell Croft quoted in Barron's - (8/26/2011)
The Sun Shines on Mosaic

Kent Croft quoted on (7/8/2011)
Jobs Report Is 'Noise and Nonsense'

Kent Croft quoted in Market Watch (5/27/11)
Refiners sitting pretty this summer: Weaker demand, weather fail to cloud prospects for gasoline makers

Water as an Investment Opportunity
Conference Call with Power Point Presentation: A discussion with portfolio managers of the Croft Value Fund (CLVFX). “There will be significant worldwide implications as water scarcity issues become both more frequent and widespread.”

Russell Croft quoted in Barron's - (5/5/2011)
Wired for Success

Russell Croft on (4/21/11)
General Electric: Value Play or Stay Away

Kent Croft quoted in AP news - (4/1/2011)
Dividends come roaring back in 2011

Russell Croft quoted in SmartMoney - (2/14/2011)
3 Investments to Avoid Now

The Case For Timberlands Webinar (REPLAY)
A unique asset class that long-term investors should get to know...Advantages include consistent biological asset growth, low capital requirements, good dividends yields, and inflation protection.

Kent Croft quoted in Reuters - (2/4/2011)
UPDATE 4-Cellulose sales boost Weyerhaeuser, shares jump

Best Large-Cap Blend Funds for the Long Term - U.S. News (1/27/2011)
Croft Value Fund ranked in the top 10

Russell Croft on Bloomberg Businessweek (1/24/11)
ITT Spinoffs May Draw Looks From Siemens, Northrop

Russell Croft on (1/20/11)
4 Drug Stocks Poised to Stage Comeback

Russell Croft in SmartMoney - 1/3/2011
Planting Trees in Your Portfolio

Croft Funds 12/30/10 Dividend Distribution
No Capital Gains. (Croft Value Fund $0.58) (Croft Income Fund $0.06)

Kent Croft Quoted in Barron's - (11/2/2010)
A Stock That Passes the Test

Russell Croft on (9/28/2010)
Contrarian Stocks to Grab

Now Is the Time For Investors to Own Stocks - CNBC (9/23/10)
Adam Bold of The Mutual Fund Store picks the Croft Value Fund (CLVFX).

Kent Croft on CNBC - 9/1/2010
Can the Rally Continue?

Kent Croft quoted in Kiplinger - 7/7/2010
15 Stock Picks from Top Mutual-Fund Managers

Russell Croft quoted in WSJ - (6/17/2010)
J&J Shares Remain Under Pressure From Medicine Recall

Russell Croft quoted on - 2/2/2010
Baxter, Becton Are Poised to Gain This Year

Kent Croft quoted in Barron's - 1/28/2010
MetLife Looks Like a Safe Bet

Kent Croft quoted in AP News
Stocks stabilize as hopes improve for Bernanke's reappointment, break worst slide since March

Kent Croft quoted in DJ News
US Stocks Drop On Concerns Over Bank Restriction Plans

Russell Croft quoted in Barron's
The Picture's Improving at Time Warner Cable

Kent Croft in Financial Advisor Magazine - (1/1/2010)
Any bargains left?

Russell Croft Quoted in Barron's

Kent Croft Quoted in Market Watch


Russell Croft on WRKO-AM (2/27/2013)
Russell Croft, vice president of Croft Leominster and co-manager of the Croft Value Fund (CLVFX)

Russell Croft Featured MarketWatch Radio (1/29/2013)
Housing major part of Wall Street's growth story

Kent Croft on Bloomberg Radio (7/25/2012)
Kent Croft Says Natural Gas `An Exciting Space' (Audio)

Russell Croft on Boston Radio WRKO
Russell Croft talks about the Croft Value Fund

Natural Gas as an Investment Opportunity conference call (replay)

Kent Croft on Bloomberg Radio (2/23/2012)
Kent Croft Discusses Stock Picks, Natural Gas (Audio)

Kent Croft radio interview (10/20/2011)
Investing in the world's most essential natural resource: Water

Kent Croft interview on MarketWatch (9/27/2011)
Watch your step in October

Kent Croft interview on MarketWatch (9/21/2011)
Choppy market is full of opportunity

Russell Croft on MarketWatch Morning Stock Talk (4/26/11)
When they bail out, you jump in

Russell Croft on MarketWatch Morning Stock Talk (4/21/11)
Croft: trend is up for earnings

Q&A Series 5 Qs with the Crofts
Managers answer questions on the market and the fund holdings.

Click here for our Podcast page123

The Mutual Fund Store - Interview with Kent Croft

The Mutual Fund Store - Featuring Kent Croft

Webcast - "Maintaining a Long Term Focus: Taking Advantage of the Current Environment"

Fund Manager Plugs Into General Cable, Calpine

Generating Ideas
Opportunities in Volatile Markets Web Cast with CIO Kent Croft and Portfolio Manager Russell Croft

Idea Generation for Long Term Investing


Agriculture Commentary - 1Q 2013

Natural Gas
We are at the forefront of a shift in energy usage that should have pervasive long term global ramifications. Technological advances and new drilling techniques have unlocked vast North American natural gas reserves which allow for investments in the infrastructure necessary to satisfy demand both domestically and abroad. An abundance of gas will help the U.S. transition away from dependence on foreign oil and also provide a bridge towards a future of cleaner energy. The development of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminals will help globalize the North American natural gas market and have an impact on price and consumption worldwide.

Although it doesn't produce the constant headlines like other commodities these days, water is irrefutably the most essential natural resource to human survival. A basic comparison of an individual's nominal monthly water bill and the relatively low per unit rates versus their electric bill suggests on the surface that the fresh water supply is well beyond that of the aggregate world demand. However, available fresh water is less than ½ of 1% of all of the water on Earth and various trends are constantly driving the supply of fresh water lower and the demand for fresh water higher at increasing rates. There will be significant worldwide implications as water scarcity issues become both more frequent and widespread.

We see timberlands as an attractive long-term investment opportunity. U.S. housing market weakness over the last 5 years has depressed demand for timber end-markets as well as the equity valuations of producers. Although the housing and commercial construction markets have yet to rebound, we believe there are a number of compelling reasons to invest in timber companies now.


Kent Croft Interviewed on Forbes (9/26/14)
3 Down-And-Out Stocks Poised For A Rebound

Kent Croft in Research Magazine (5/15/2014)
Growth Drivers for the Natural Gas Industry

Kent Croft on Entrepreneur (3/18/2014)
When Financial Professionals Go Indie

Kent Croft on Forbes (11/27/2013)
How To Play The Shale Boom's Next Phase

Russell Croft on Bloomberg Taking Stock Podcast (1/4/2013)
Russell Croft Favors Companies That Can `Bounce Back' (Audio)

Kent Croft on (1/2/2013)
Betting on the Boom in Natural Gas

Kent & Russell Croft on AdvisorOne (3/26/2012)
The Measured Approach to Value

Kent Croft featured in Financial Planning (1/10/2012)
Reasons for Hope Rest on Sound Fundamentals

Croft Value Fund highlighted by MarketWatch (5/27/11)
Thirsty for returns, Croft Value eyes water stocks

Croft Value Fund featured by Louis Rukeyser (Dec 2010)
Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Crofts Profiled in Morningstar Advisor Magazine - (Oct/Nov 2010)
"Why doesn't Kent Croft have billions of dollars in the fund?" asks Adam Bold, founder of The Mutual Fund Store chain and a large shareholder who was attracted by the firm's long-term track record. The only reason, he says, is "because nobody has heard of it."

Kent Croft Featured in The Wall Street Journal - (10/18/2010)
Croft Value Buys Bargains, Bides Time

The Crofts featured in Barron's - (6/19/2010)
A Father Passes His Values On to His Sons

Croft Value Fund included in US News and World Report - (5/19/2010)
The Best Funds for the Long Term "...funds with long-term results and trusted reputation are still the ones being sought out aggressively by investors who got burned by shortsighted bets during less-stressful economic times."

FORBES - "When Cheap is a Bargain" - (5/11/2010)
Low-priced stocks often roar back after bear markets. Picking the ones that will involves more than chasing low price/earnings multiples. By Miriam Marcus

Kiplinger - "A Contrarian Manager's Top 4 Picks" - (8/27/2008)
Croft Value fund hasn't fallen into the same traps that have plagued many other value funds this year

Diamonds and Rust - MarketWatch
Croft Value Fund looks for bargains in paper, cable, telecommunications

Contrarians to Watch
Business Week

Little Fund, Big Results - Barron's

Little-Known Funds That Pack Powerful Returns - SmartMoney


Kent Croft on Fox Business (11/19/2013)
Market pullback on the way, before Santa Claus rally?

Russell Croft on (10/9/2013)
Stocks are still cheap despite "bubble" talk, especially Mondelez, Mylan, NFG and Plum Creek

Kent Croft Featured on CNBC (3/12/13)
Can Dow Sustain Record Highs?

Kent Croft on Fox Business (2/22/2013)
How Investors Can Gain from Rising Food Demand

Kent Croft on (12/12/12)
In this episode of Buy This, Sell That!, Kent Croft, portfolio manager for the Croft Value Fund, names his favorite stocks including Mosaic and J&J.

Kent Croft on CNBC (2/28/2012)
Dow Chases 13K Milestone

Russell Croft on The Street (2/6/2012)
Favorite Value Stocks

Kent Croft on Fox Business (12/20/2011)
Market Outlook: Will 2012 Flatline?

Russell Croft on Fox Business (11/30/2011)
Natural Gas Key to Long-Term Energy Problems?

Russell Croft on Fox Business - (8/17/2011)
Today's Market News: Hot Stocks in Cold Economy

Kent Croft on CNBC (8/4/2011)
The Call: Where's the Market Value? (6:15 mark)

Kent Croft on CNBC - (3/22/2011)
Showbiz: Risk Trade?

Adam Bold picks the Croft Value Fund - (3/3/2011)
Unloved, Undervalued & Worth Buying

Not All Ag Stocks Overvalued - (2/19/2011)
Russell Croft, co-manager for the Croft Value Fund, discusses his favorite value names including Mosaic, FMC Corp. and International Paper.

Kent Croft on CNBC - (1/18/2011)
Bulls Out of Steam?

Kent Croft on CNBC - (10/6/2010)
How Solid Is the Rally?

Croft CIO Talks Holdings, Future Investments. -

Little-Known Funds That Pack Powerful Returns - SmartMoney
Stocks Are 'Still Pretty Cheap

Kent Croft On CNBC
Stocks Are 'Still Pretty Cheap

Kent Croft on PBS Nightly Business Report
Of Mutual Interest

Kent Croft on CNBC
Stock Picks of 2010

CNBC "Street Insider"

Kent Croft on FOX Business
Best Market Plays for End of Year

Kent Croft on CNBC

Register Rep Investing

Kent Croft on CNBC - Investing in Value

Kent Croft on CNBC

Kent Croft on

Kent Croft on CNBC

Kent Croft on CNBC

CNBC "Fund Manager Stock Picks"

CNBC "Best of the Best: Electric Grid & Lumber"

Kent Croft on "Navigating through market volatility" - CNBC

Kent Croft on CNBC "Best Trades Now"

Making money in technology with Kent Croft
Croft Value Fund CIO/portfolio manager & CNBC's Dylan Ratigan

Your Best Trades Now - CNBC



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