Located in downtown Baltimore at the historic Canton House, Croft-Leominster is fee-based manager with a wealth of experience. The Croft-Leominster management team has 75+ years collective experience and national clientele. The firm manages more than $797 million in separately managed portfolios and two no-load mutual funds for retail investors - the Croft-Leominster Value Fund (CLVFX) and the Croft-Leominster Income Fund (CLINX).

Please contact us at 800 551-0990 to find out more about the services that Croft-Leominster has to offer to retail and institutional investors.

Mr. Kent G. Croft
Mr. Kent G. Croft holds an A.B. degree (1985) from Dartmouth College. From 1985 through May 1988, Mr. Croft was employed as a manager in the equity department at Salomon Brothers, Inc., New York. From 1988 to 1989, Mr. Croft was Vice President, Real Estate Investments for Bryans Road Corp. In 1989, he founded Croft-Leominster, Inc. with L. Gordon Croft. Mr. Kent Croft along with his father, Gordon Croft, have been portfolio managers for each Fund since its inception.

Mr. G. Russell Croft
Mr. G. Russell Croft holds a B.A. degree (1996) from Washington and Lee University and obtained his M.B.A. (1998) from the University of London. Before coming to Croft-Leominster, Inc., Mr. Croft had experience working for Gabelli & Company in New York. Mr. G. Russell Croft has been a portfolio manager for each Fund since 2006.

Mr. L. Gordon Croft
Mr. L. Gordon Croft holds a B.E.S. degree in Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University and an M.E.A. in Engineering from George Washington University. From 1967 through 1989, he held various positions with T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc., most recently as an investment counselor and director. Mr. Croft founded Croft-Leominster, Inc. with Kent Croft in 1989.


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